Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Moving // Meatballs love reunion // Topless dad

Well hello here readers, I am back with a new blog skin, hope you like it :)
Happy April Fool anyways! My first day of April started off in a really hectic manner due to moving. Moving really isn't my thing although this is my 5th time doing it. Packing and throwing away all the unused facial products, out dated clothes, old magazines, expired sweets in bags and many more... (Don't say yiiiieks because you'll go through this if you haven't) Well, this blog post isn't gonna be about moving rants tho. I am here with updates on what have been happening and what will be happening to me.

28th March 2014
Since Os, this is the first time I met Germaine. I don't think I ever had her pic in my blog/instagram before but she is one of the cool buddy I hang out with in secondary school. So I met her on Ikea to have some meatballs after her work and we had a great catch up indeed. It was really pleasant to catch up with her after so long because we are still as crazy as ever (together) and funny. After dinner we simply walked around Ikea as she is planning on renovating her room and we made great use of the time to check out furnitures.
31st March 2014
Crystal and I decided to visit Hatched at Holland V but plan failed because piggy kelly woke up only in the afternoon so I suggested to go Ikea again since I was craving for salmon salad and anything lemon-y. Crystal picked me up (in cab of course) at Thomson and we headed to Ikea. We had a pleasant time together as well just chilling by the bar seat beside the full length glass window on a Sunday afternoon with sun soaking on our warm skin and chatting while eating away. Today is her surgery day and I hope she's really doing fine, all the visiting and surprising plans has to be cancelled because I am moving today. Anyways, we decided to cab to my place to watch 27 dresses online and it was a great movie indeed. She accompanied me to go to Kimberley's place to get my DSLR which I lent her for like about 3 month already and my mommy sent her home. (such a detailed update uh hehe) 
This morning 
I woke up to the noisy drills and my kaka (maid) coming into my room with mommy moving all the things that was packed in a box from my room. Lazy me lazed another hour before getting out of bed to get ready for the day and to start moving. (shameful i know) This is what was happening, the noisy drills... yeah this is how crazy the front view of my house looks. My dad is topless don't judge. 
Mummy took me to our fav little japanese restaurant for dinner and I am really thankful and appreciative for the yummy dinner as I was craving hard for it after watching wahlietv's vlog hehe. 
Here's a sneak peak of my new room, looking at old photos while packing them. Gonna be sharing room with little sis for a year and after that I will finally be having a room all to myself and I can't wait for that day. (The idea of moving again the next April kills me tho)
Nonetheless, thank you for being reading this blog post of mine and when everything falls back together, I promise to be more diligent in updating my social platforms like blog and youtube. Yup, about youtube, please suggest any request you think it's interesting because I really don't know what to film. 
Stay tuned. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mich & I

A short blogpost:
So the other day, I met up with Mich and Kim. Kim was late and so Mich and I decided to randomly walk around United Square and we ended up at Sogurt. Kim arrived and we decided to go window shop since it's kinda bored for them to just sit and chat. Kim left early for Steve as he is flying off and so I brought mich to Awfully Choco since she has never been there and we ended up at my place catching up and chatting a lot, a lot. 

Being with Mich makes me happy because she's straight forward but kind of a disturb at times. I could tell she's a good friend and cheers to this new friendship with hope it's gonna be a great one since we kinda have things in common (which made us click really quickly) :) 

Cant wait to see her again xx