Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember

Here goes a wordy impromptu blog post.
Falling in love was easy, adapting to changes was easy, accepting was easy. I have been a very happy girl for the past few months and I never want this to stop. It has been very blessed to be surrounded by good people. However today I was being reminded once again how cruel and scary and hypocrite people can get. I was talking to girl A about this person who is quite known and never did i expect and find out how scary this girl actually was. Of course she isn't anything important to me but through social media, all the scary flaws are heavily concealed. It hit me hard once again how people who are close to me/ i hold closely to (in my heart) could actually have been talking/ back-stabbing about me behind my back all these times. I never want to be in that type of situation.. I'd rather not be put in pictures with these kind of scenario from the very start. 
I can never ask for more but just true friends who treats me genuinely. And the reason for blogging is because I wanna talk about something that happened to me. I lost a best friend before and the reason was none other but talking behind my back when i trust her the most and never did i expect her to say such things about however i don't blame her at all. When I first found out, i was just lost and very confused. I held on to the friendship that has died but i definitely kept my distance. When she realised the distance i was withdrawing from her she did put in efforts. Of course she cared about what was going on and i understood her reason for abruptly opening to someone we both barely knew. Still, it has left a great impact on me and i never want to be reminded how painful it is anymore. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Photo Booth

He said no posting on twitter or instagram so I guess putting them on my blog is alright. 
Brb hehe 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Counting on you, September

Cheeros to the first week of a new months, I hope after this tutorial week the rest of September would be a better month for me. Realised I don't have much selfie with boyf, hmm something to werk on more. Goodbye, god bless and loves! 
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

To him

You make beautiful things grow with your kindness and creativity. 
Thank you for your support and patience. As a lover and a person, you inspire me each day. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Getting back on track

Time Check: 12:42AM & it is drizzling now. It's been a while since I blog.. School has started and life is good. I can't even remember what was my latest blog post about.. Did i mention about school? I am also finally braces free and I got my braces removed on the 13th August which is a day after Cw - my boyf (warning you may also see more of his face and read more about him from now on) and 13th August was also my good friend - Crystal's birthday. Oh yes, my is flooded with relationship status question on whether I am attached/how did i get attached/when did i get attached and who am i attached to (which is actually pretty obvious) and many more. Right now I am a happy soul living a good life, it's too late to get into details but what I want to say now is that I want to start blogging and doing videos again. I don't think my boyf minds getting involved so do leave blog requests/ video requests on my 
Repeated questions will not be entertained unless it's flooded below my profile then I will reply again. I want to blog more but with packed schedule, it would only be possible if you suggest cus I want to blog whatever you guys are interested in. 
Here is my pre-planned blogging schedule (provided I have blogging ideas) I am trying to blog 2-3 times a week and maybe upload video once in 2 weeks. Shall stick to blogging for the moment tho because it is really hard to find time to edit as I have so much things to handle. Loves and I will be back next week.