Thursday, January 22, 2015

I said I would be back (often)

Howdy, told ya i would blog more hehe. Today is my off day from school and I woke up at mid afternoon which was a bummer because I hate waking up at such timing as it makes me feel like the entire day is wasted already. Right now, I am blogging with no music on because I don't want it to distract how i am feeling subconsciously so that I can blog what I truly wanna say at this moment. (PS: I won't go into details about what happened as much as I want to bc i don't want my space to be somewhere people come and leave unhappily after reading because I was not the main parties involved, therefore this post - regarding the incident could only be vaguely mentioned) 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nugget & i

On his off day which was also my no school day, we were to town for a mini break. We headed to have Genki @ bugis and then cineleisure to shop. Shopping was pretty fail for me that day however bb's was pretty successful. With my busy schedule I have no time to blog but I am trying to keep up with this, oh and this month is our 6th monthary. Isn't fast how time flies? My class is pretty serious now and work is piling up, of course I get stressed up but I'm thankful i have this nugget around (almost) 24/7 to cheer me up and keep me happy. And I can't wait for my next vacay and I am definitely gonna spend it wisely and fully. Stay tuned

Goodbye and thank you for reading. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015


 What happened to the old me? I used to be strong and used to choose wisely; for the things that our affect me. Recently I lost control, I turned defenceless as the year 2014 came to an end. Its a new beginning and my mind and self haven't been very healthy. I have no new years resolution for the year but I will make little goals for myself and be more productive (definitely). This year is also very important because I will hit the big 2 in the following year. My lack of confidence is also pulling me down but I will learn to have a little more of it and stop hiding in my comfort zone. Thanks for those who are still visiting this space through all these I am still a happy attached girl. (just so u know) Really thankful for my bf and friends and family who is there, they are the real deal and for 2015 I wanna live myself and only them. It's a fresh year filled with positivity and happiness. Here are random pics I have in my phone I will update this post tonight meanwhile I'm gonna leave home to meet crys. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

too overdue photobooth pics

Hellu peeps, christmas is around the corner and I have been doing.. well; pleasantly great. I feel embarrassing to even type because i've neglected this space for way too long. I don't know what my blog is about now/ what to do with this space so maybe let's talk about what's up with my life? Well, I will be moving next week to another place because my home is still under renovation and we have to wait for another year and the current house owner needs this place back for renovation as well. Oh & I didn't get to travel this holiday however the next holiday is fully scheduled hehe. So i guess that's about it, meanwhile i will be more active on instagram & twitter. Happy X'mas, till then XOXO. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember

Here goes a wordy impromptu blog post.
Falling in love was easy, adapting to changes was easy, accepting was easy. I have been a very happy girl for the past few months and I never want this to stop. It has been very blessed to be surrounded by good people. However today I was being reminded once again how cruel and scary and hypocrite people can get. I was talking to girl A about this person who is quite known and never did i expect and find out how scary this girl actually was. Of course she isn't anything important to me but through social media, all the scary flaws are heavily concealed. It hit me hard once again how people who are close to me/ i hold closely to (in my heart) could actually have been talking/ back-stabbing about me behind my back all these times. I never want to be in that type of situation.. I'd rather not be put in pictures with these kind of scenario from the very start. 
I can never ask for more but just true friends who treats me genuinely. And the reason for blogging is because I wanna talk about something that happened to me. I lost a best friend before and the reason was none other but talking behind my back when i trust her the most and never did i expect her to say such things about however i don't blame her at all. When I first found out, i was just lost and very confused. I held on to the friendship that has died but i definitely kept my distance. When she realised the distance i was withdrawing from her she did put in efforts. Of course she cared about what was going on and i understood her reason for abruptly opening to someone we both barely knew. Still, it has left a great impact on me and i never want to be reminded how painful it is anymore.