Friday, July 11, 2014

Thursdate with Bel

Hellu, it has been donkey years since I last updated my blog. Omg I am so sorry peeeeeps.. So here goes my entry of 10th July :) Isabel and I decided to have a short catch up at Kovan. We initially planned to settle at Lola's Cafe however we reached at an awkward timing whereby it wasn't brunch time nor was it dinner time.

 We decided to go out for a walk together and we were to explore allies and even trespassed people's property unknowingly from the back doors.. Oh god.. hehe. We talked a lot about our problems and all, it's always comfortable for her to spill her problems to me since sec school life and talking to her brings me back to sec school's memory lane. I am happy to still have her tho I always thought we would lose contact when I graduate.

 Dayummmmm, Bc we are girls, bc we are smart, bc we don't wanna waste food, bc we have small appetite this was me and her portion in total for dinner hehe.

And also things happened to me these past few weeks and I can't comprehend how myopic and stubborn people could get. We are all surrounded by different types of people with different views and everyone has different thinkings. It's sad how some people would just go to their pillar of supports misleading them with fabricated lies just to get comfort from them. We can't possibility not bump into this kind of situation however to minimise the chances of getting into the already-biased-situation, what you could best do is stay true to yourself and the people around you.

Till next time, XX 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

(More) Facts About Me

As clear it is from the title,  I'm going to share with you a few facts about me. I actually already have a 50 facts about me video on my youtube page, feel free to go check it out but today, I wanna share a few Bad facts about me (when I say bad I mean really horrible ones you won't even realise unless you are close enough)

I am afraid of unlocking doors
//I always have the horrific imagination of someone slamming hardly from the inside of the door I'm unlocking or the door knob turning rapidly (in a scary way) hence, I never dared to unlock doors and I avoid doing it whenever I could.//

I am a simplicity addict. 
//This is probably one of the strong reason why I own a lot of basics (for fashion wise). I am into all things simple. Clean is the new chic.// 

I am a spendthrift. 
//I spend most of my savings on food, transport and food and clothes and clothes and transport. (Yup, sure this isn't something I should be proud of but this is indeed a fact about me..) This is a really really bad habit about me I have to get rid of.// 

I am against instant noodles. 
//Firstly, theres sodium which bloats your face cus it causes your body to hold water. Secondly, I am disgusted by (most) of the smell of the cooked instant noodle and the smell of the soup of it as well. Disclaimers: I still eat instant noodles every now and then but this happens only at wee hours when I'm hella hungry and only when I find nothing else to eat at home (no hates, peace) Therefore, I only eat a certain type of instant noodles.//

I am easily attracted by people who are talented in art. 
//Art, to me is really important, even if someone isn't good at drawing but great at appreciating art, they are my type of people. I don't see someone who is academically clever as great as to someone who is smart in art - artsy. To me, creativity is key. (PS: Don't get offended, if you aren't artsy)// 

Love you oodles and oodles, I'll keep this space alive often. 
Have a great weekend ahead!